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There is no glamour what so ever in volunteering, you will get dirty, you will see stuff that is really hard to see and you won’t make a ton of money.

Though this is the case crazy good people from all around the world do it. And it sure feels great to be able to make a difference!

Sjukvård Sjukvård
Medical Staff

Are you a medical and want to volunteer in Greece at Lesvos, Athens or in Thessaloniki?
Contact our partner Medical Volunteers International.

Sjukvård Sjukvård
Work in camps

Would you like to go to Lesvos, Greece to volunteer in the refugee camps?
Contact Movement on The Ground.

Sjukvård Sjukvård
Community center

The One Happy Family Community Center is a place which is built and run together with people from refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesvos. Contact for volunteering.