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Helps people.

Medical help.

We want to change the world and make it a better place, for everyone. All changes start with action. So we act. Our organization is created by and run by volunteers – a large group of warm people.

We have seen the power that is created when people work together towards a common goal. Unlimited cooperation between volunteers from Sweden as well as the rest of the world. Together we make the world a better place, action by action.

Help where help is needed.

WE ACT Sweden

is founded by a committed group of Swedes working together with volunteers from all over the world.
The past couple of years we have been working with humanitarian projects in Greece, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and in Sweden. Helping refugees on their way to safety.

Since we started we have

• Provided over 530 000 hot meals.
• Collected necessary supplies and clothing to refugee camps.
• Helped numerous people in need of medical care.
• Helped NGOs to cooperate.